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NorthStar Scientific operates from 2 offices from within the UK

Main Office

Tudor House
Barleyhill Road
LS25 1DX
Tel. 01767 262329

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    Software Request

    A 30 day trial copy of the latest version of the BIO-C software can be e-mailed on request. Please make your request for the software on our contacts page

    We also provide on-site demonstrations of the system. This is by far the best option for understanding how the instrument functions. Let us know on the form above and we’ll be pleased to help.

    The BIO-C system is developed to automate the measurement of CSF xanthochromia. It also enables the measurement of total urine porphyrin, faecal porphyrin, porphobilinogen PBG, and 5-Aminolevulinic acid ALA.

    Beamont Hospital